This page is dedicated to floppydisk/floppydisk_ on Discord.

Welcome to my website.

I'm Daniel, a communications professional, web enthusiast, and wannabe programmer.
I am interested in computers and technology. I enjoy retro/old technology. I recently started archiving software.

I earned an associate degree in mass communications - public relations track in 2015.
I earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications - public relations track in 2019.
I started a master's of mass communications program, but have taken a few breaks due to various life events.

My favorite operating system is Windows 2000 Professional, althought Linux Mint with Cinnamon is a close second.
I know or dabbled in the following languages and technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL, VB, ASP, Java. Python, and some C and C++ dabbling too.

I love animals. I have a seven-year-old Siberian Husky that is my whole world.




Please excuse the mess as this website is currently under construction.



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